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CMDP is an expert core facility at UHN focusing on various technologies and research at early stage small molecule drug discovery. It is our mission to support and work with the drug discovery and development communities in Toronto area and in Canada. We are looking for every opportunity to help you between the stages of target to preclinical lead compounds.

State-of-the-art computing equipment and a variety of computer modeling tools, software and associated expertise are available that will aid in identifying small molecule structures for a target, target analysis/visualization, binding interactions with various targets, and in prospective/retrospective studies for structure-function relationships.

One of our core competencies is the ability to integrate computational tools, synthetic chemistry and bioassays for seamless translation of target information into small molecule lead compounds for further development.

The center and resources are located at 5th & 7th floors, Toronto Medical Discovery Tower in the MaRS center, at UHN Research. We work closely with UHN Drug Development leadership, researchers at UHN, UofT and around Canada, primarily focusing on early stage drug discovery.

CMDP Leadership

Director, CMDP: Dr. Lakshmi P. Kotra
Co-Director, CMDP: Dr. Ping I. Lee
Sys admin and Scientific Associate, CMDP: Dr. William Wei

Center For Molecular Design and Preformulations

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