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REMEDI Visualisation Suite and Computer Modeling Suite

Our supercomputing and visualizations facility is equipped with a 400 core Linux cluster with Infiniband communications, four high-end graphics work stations, and 100 TB of storage. A high-definition visualization system, measuring 1.5 by 3.4 meters (the size of a cinema screen) is mounted in the centre of the facility.

Visualizations and Imaging tools:

Extensive Software tools available for Drug Discovery

Medicinal Synthetic Chemistry

Our fully-equipped state-of-the-art medicinal synthetic chemistry laboratory is capable of producing small-molecule compounds of interest at scales ranging from single milligrammes to hundreds of grams.


ur preformulation laboratory is well equipped to serve your lead compound characterization needs including: pKa, logP/D, solubility, dissolution; particle size, shape and surface area; crystal properties and polymorphism; product stability, density and viscosity.

Instrumentation available includes:

Center For Molecular Design and Preformulations

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